Private Readings with Sao


Greetings, Soul Seeker. Please accept my sincerest congratulations and appreciation for your choice to continue seeking, changing, growing, evolving.

Almost everyone who comes to me asks some form of the question, "What is my path?" or "How do I know what my path is?" "Am I on it?" etc. A more powerful way to phrase this inquiry might be, "What is my Divine Purpose ─ the True Intent of my Soul ─ in this Lifetime, and how do I live my everyday Life so that I am living in alignment with my soul's purpose?"

Shamanic Astrology is a nontraditional, cutting-edge, evolutionary system of astrology specifically created to track the journey of your soul. It is astrological wisdom and knowledge passed to us from ancient Mesopotamia, Chaldea, Egypt, India, Greece, etc., that has been synthesized, updated and upgraded to perfectly fit humanity's current place in The Evolution of this Creation.

Your private reading (I prefer “Sacred Communion" rather than “reading”) is where we delineate The True Intent of your Soul. This is done in several parts, including:

Finally, in these communions (readings) I emphasize the critical importance of The Return of the Divine Feminine ─ The Mother of Everything ─ to our human experience and reality, and how every person, male and female, can do their part in welcoming Our Heavenly Mother into Her Right and Holy Place in our Hearts, on Earth and in this Creation. She has been missing for a very, very long time, and the ROOT CAUSE of all of the suffering and misery that humanity is experiencing can be traced directly to our disconnection from Her and from Her absence in our world. Her return to our human reality is the big change that we ─ you and I ─ are creating on Earth! That's right, we're not waiting for this change to occur, we are it! We are creating the change by the way we live our lives ─ every thought we think, every word we speak, every action we make.

For more information or to schedule a reading, please call me at the phone numbers or email the address below.

I invite you to read some client testimonials so you'll have a sense of how these sessions have been Life-changing for others and can be for you and those you Love.

I offer private readings (communions) both in person and on the telephone by appointment.

Your private reading (actually, Sacred Communion" is the term I prefer) is where we delineate the true intent of your soul. Read about four key aspects I will address during your Sacred Communion reading at A Message From Sao.

For more information about privates readings or to schedule a reading, please call either phone number or email the address below.

I share a few client testimonials to give you a sense of how life-changing these sessions can be for you. I invite you to visit Testimonials to read additional client experiences.

"Extraordinarily knowledgeable, intuitive and wise..."

Rosalind R., Dallas, Tx

"Sao's reading for me was the most thorough and useful astrology reading I've ever had ~ and I've had plenty. He organized an overwhelming wealth of details into several clear and powerful images, which have stayed with me long after I forgot which planet conjuncts which house. If you want to tap into your life purpose, this is where to start. Sao will line up your soul's path with the world we live in today, and show you where to take your first steps. What a gift this man is!"

David Cates, San Francisco, CA